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Web Design Elements You Should Avoid Having on Your Site

As a web designer, your websites should be designed to provide the greatest ease of use, the best impression, and, most importantly, a welcome experience to your visitors. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product in the world; if your website isn’t well-designed, you won’t be able to sell a single copy since people will leave because of the terrible design.

When I say “excellent design,” I’m not just referring to a pleasing visual appearance. A skilled web designer will be able to point out that there are numerous elements that go into creating a successful website design, including accessibility, interface or layout design, user experience design, and, of course, graphic design.

As a result, I’ve highlighted some of the worst site designs I’ve seen. Hopefully, you’ll be able to use that as a checklist to compare it to your own site, and if anything on your site meets the criteria, you’ll know it’s time to take action!

Web Design Elements You Should Avoid Having on Your Site

1. Background music

I would strongly encourage you to avoid using repeating background music unless you are running a site that advertises a band, a CD, or anything else linked to music. It may seem good at first, but imagine running a large site with hundreds of pages, and the background music starts playing again every time a visitor navigates to another page on your site. If I were a visitor to your site, I would simply turn off my speakers or leave. Furthermore, they only add to the visitors’ burden when seeing your site; people with dial-up connections will have to wait longer simply to browse your site as it was intended.

2. Extra large/small text size

As I previously stated, web design is more than just graphics; it also includes user accessibility. Your website’s text should be legible and at a reasonable size so that your visitors can read it without straining their eyes. You won’t sell anything no matter how wonderful your website’s content or sales text is if it’s illegible!

3. Popup windows

Because popup windows are so openly utilised to display adverts, I figure that 90% of them aren’t worth my time, so I just close them on instinct every time one manages to get past my popup blocker (yes, I have one, like many other users!) and appear on my screen. Consider this scenario: You have a critical message to deliver, and you place it in a popup window that is killed the majority of the time it shows on a visitor’s screen. Your website’s functionality is immediately lost!

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