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Good Web Design Practices

Your website serves as the virtual headquarters for your firm, much like the physical headquarters of a company. As a result, it’s critical to follow good design principles to ensure that your site reaches the widest potential audience and sells to as many people as possible.

Ensure clear navigation

Make sure that your website’s navigation has clear instructions. Users should be able to navigate your website without getting lost if the navigation menu is straightforward and tidy.

Reduce number of high res photographs

Reducing the number of photographs (especially the high resolution ones) on your site is a good idea. They slow down the loading of your site, and many of the photos are unneeded. If you believe any image on your site is critical, make sure to optimise it using image editing software to keep the file size to a minimum.

Watch out for lengthy text paragraphs

Maintain an appropriate length for your text paragraphs. If a paragraph is too long, break it up into different paragraphs to keep the text blocks manageable. This is critical since a huge block of text will distract visitors from reading your material.

Website compatibility

Check out www.w3.org to see if your website complies with web standards and is cross-browser compatible. You will lose a lot of potential visitors if your website appears wonderful in Internet Explorer but crashes miserably in Firefox and Opera.

Stay clear of scripting languages unless necessary

Scripting languages that should only be used on your site is absolutely essential. Instead of using scripting languages to generate visual effects on your website, use them to handle or alter data. Heavy scripts will slow down your site’s loading speed and may even cause it to break in some browsers. Also, because JavaScript is not supported by all browsers, some visitors may miss critical information.

Utilise CSS

Utilise CSS to design your content of the page since it saves time by configuring all of your website’s elements at once.

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