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5 Ways to Gain Returning Website Visitors

Highly successful websites rely on visitors returning to account for a significant a part of their web traffic. Visitors who keep coming back are easier to convert into paying customers as they are likely to trust the site more. With increasing returning customers, you can ensure that your website credibility increases with it. Here are 5 ways you can stick to in order keep your guests returning to your website:

Begin a Forum, Shoutbox or Chatroom

When you begin a forum, shoutbox, or chatroom you are promoting what I’d say ‘Free Speech’. Your visitors can voice their opinions, no matter how big or small. Everyone loves to have their opinions heard, and this is one of the ways to do it. This will also give them a platform to interact with others who visit the site as well. This will build a community, and when they know there are discussions and chats going, they will always return. No one likes to be lonely when they are looking for someone to chat or listen to what they have to say about particular topics and subjects.

Start a Blog

Commonly known as a ‘blog’, it can be an internet journal on your website. Keep it updated with latest news concerning yourself or subject matters that closely relates to your products or services. Let’s just say, people are generally ‘nosey’, some would prefer the word ‘curious’. They will be hungry for the newest info or the latest exciting details that they don’t find anywhere else. Again, your website credibility will increase as they will know there is someone behind the keyboard typing out what they want to know – just like what I am doing right now.

Have polls or surveys

Think about the interaction. It will be simple, and you get to know what the general visitors think and also interaction with the website. Polls and surveys always get the visitors to think a little before submitting their thoughts about what you are asking from them. It is often important to them as they know their opinion will count. You have to ensure that you publish the results as these visitors will be wanting to know where their opinions stand amongst their community.

Hold games, puzzles and quizzes

Can you imagine how many office workers get bored just churning out work like through the day? These workers will be likely to visit your website if you have an interesting and addictive game to hold their attention. Competitions can also be held to award the highest score holder – giving them the motivation to keep trying which means having to return to the site to do so.

Update with Fresh Content

Update your website often with fresh and up-to-date content so visitors can read something new each time they get into your website. This is considered one of the most effective methods to gain returning website visitors; however, it is the one that is least carried out due to sheer laziness. No one wants to go back to a website that has the same content as when they visited it 5–10 years ago.

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