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The Pomsky Mockup

The Pomsky

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The Brief

Our client is passionate about the Pomsky breed and wanted a community website that has a space where Pomsky members can go in to get advice on this relatively new dog breed. People who are looking for Pomskies can also access the website to find reputable Pomsky breeders throughout the world. As mentioned, the breed is new so there is not much information going around to guide and prepare new owners. Creating the community online will provide a wealth of support that is not available anywhere. In this community, our client hoped to also earn a little to help with the cost of maintenance of the website.

Our Approach

We researched online and found that there are few communities for specific dog breeds as most are for all dogs. We felt that this project will have to tell the story about why the website is developed and that it isn’t a money-making scheme. We built the site based around giving each Pomsky owner standard member a page for their Pomskies so they can show them off to the world. If they pay for the premium membership, they will gain access to the forum where they will be able to talk to each other and discuss about all things Pomskies. As there is a paid membership, we had to integrate a payment gateway and implement a yearly subscription function for continuous access until manually stopped by the Pomsky owner.

The Result

The website was well received by the Pomsky community and have been supported. The membership grew quickly, and conversations have been taking place within the forum pages. No marketing was needed to gain traction online. The website has been a success from the day it was launched.

Check out The Pomsky website.

Host Geek is a patient mob of Geeks…and I say it in an endearing way! I wanted to build a membership website, to build a community for the Pomsky breed, but I have no knowledge of getting this started. The Geeks managed to identify what was needed and built the site way beyond my expectation. My members and I are happy with the site. Can’t thank you enough for fulfilling the brief, team!