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Salty Glasses Mockup

Salty Glasses

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The Brief

Our client had a seahorse-keeping hobby and he designed and manufactured a seahorse feeding station. He used to sell it through Facebook but decided to create a brand for himself. He wanted a website that is elegant and focuses on a single product to showcase the simple designs of the seahorse feeder.

Our Approach

We researched online on seahorse and other marine products to see what elegance meant to potential audience. We found that there were no other products out there that looks like what Salty Glasses has. We decided to build a site that has lots of imagery on the product to show off the curves and lines of the product, which includes the 360-degree photography for visitors to see it at all angles. The aim is to have visitors land on the website, and they will know exactly what the site is about and how it looks like. We added WooCommerce for the shop and integrated the payment methods that our client requested for.

The Result

The website we produced was more than what was expected by our client. Now, Facebook is used as an advertising platform to direct potential customers to the website to make a purchase. The process if more streamlined with the eCommerce shop and our client has had raving reviews of the product and the website.

Check out Salty Glasses website.

Thanks Host Geek Design team for being so patient with me. I wasn’t sure how to get to the end and you took my hobby and turned it into a business! Your guidance and expertise have been valuable to my business’ success! …and your web care plans have saved me from so many headaches having to ensure my site is working well. Those web care plans are a must-have for any business. My business saver!