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The Brief

The client never had a website and only had their Facebook page for their clients to visit. They wanted to have their carpet cleaning and pest control business to include meth lab cleaning services as well. They did not know how to go about including this business, and we suggested for them to firstly decide on what they would want to call their new combined business and then register their domain name. After that, they needed a logo which they did not know how to have one made. They got us to design one for them, which was approved quickly approved.

Our Approach

We researched on other meth lab cleanup companies to find out how they were displaying the information. We then came up with a clean design in order to clearly show what their core business is all about. We came out with the copy for the business and making sure that the necessary keywords were in there for SEO purposes. Every service that they have had imagery to show what they do and where they operate.

The Result

The website became the main port of call for their clients – where they can contact them for services. They get more enquiries through the form which proven to be another contact method. Their business now has a professional website for potential clients to visit.

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