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Navig8 Group

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The Brief

Navig8 Group is a large global company with many office locations around the world. For years, they have been paying massive amounts of money to Sitecore for their hosting and website that sits on their platform. Their hosting plan was expiring with Sitecore and they were not able to lift their website from there and move it to another hosting company. Their website was stuck with Sitecore. The old website was not WordPress and they were finding it difficult to manage so they decided to look around for an alternative to lower the cost of having a website and looking for a company that can replicate their website from Sitecore to WordPress. Ultimately, they were looking at having the new WordPress website hosted in Singapore with Host Geek before the Sitecore hosting expiry date arrives.

Our Approach

As we did not have access to the backend of Sitecore, we spent time copying the text from each page to new pages created in WordPress. We realised that there were animations that we had to replicate as well, which we had to spend time looking for appropriate plugins or code the animation into the backend. Although this was a pure replication project, there were some hurdles such as not being able to replicate some animations which we replaced it with another that will show and represent the same information accurately.

The Result

GroupThe website replication project took a few months as there were many pages within the large corporate website. There were also hidden pages that revealed themselves as we went deeper. But we got to the end and managed to provide Navig8 Group with a website that is easy to maintain and extremely accessible. The new WordPress website was hosted on Host Geek’s servers well before deadline.

Check out Navig8 Group website.