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NTU Alumni Club Convocation 2019 Mockup

NTU Alumni Club

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The Brief

NTU (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) Alumni Club is a non-profit organisation that requested for a microsite / landing page to simplify and automate their membership sign-ups. Instead of using physical forms, they want to have the application and payment process moved online. They have a specific process that they wanted for the online application including sending out the forms that members fill out and sending out personalised welcome letters after payment is successful. This site is only used in certain times of the year – when they have a membership drive through the university’s convocation periods, so would have to be repurposed and used more than once. This site would be hosted on their servers. Host Geek was only tasked to design and develop it.

Our Approach

Through research, we found out that they wanted a single landing page with no internal pages and menu items. Based on the text and provided, we came out with a streamlined design that has adequate animations as the visitor scrolls down the page. The backend functionality after signing up was important so we ensured that there were correct plugins and codes used to give our clients the results they were after.

The Result

The membership drive was a success and the form made it easier for them to process the applications. The platform gave them a more professional look and the site can be used for years to come.

Check out NTU Alumni Club microsite screenshot below.

NTU Alumni Club Microsite