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Payment Methods for E-commerce Websites

Almost roasted under the midday sun, or frozen in the cold weather years back, people would usually have to make trips to make purchases of their needs and wants. Everything has been made easy these days, with technology. We need not necessarily make trips to malls before we get what we want. Now we make purchases online more than heading to physical stores.

For these reasons, there are plenty of online stores where we can easily get what we want and make purchases. Online shops are essentially e-commerce sites – e-commerce means electronic commerce. To make an online store a place to purchase, they must utilise some kind of payment method.

There are several payment methods for e-commerce. These online payment methods were made to make things easy. They are safe and secure choices. they allow us to make cashless payments for goods and services through credit and debit cards, Internet and mobile phones.

Below is a list of some of these e-commerce payment methods you might want to try out.


This is one of the popular e-commerce payment methods. It’s one of the secure methods of making online payments. PayPal allows the customers to create an account, and the account is linked to the user’s credit card or bank account. This way, the user can send payments, receive payments, and make online purchases. The platform verifies all information provided by the user to be certain that the service can be used by the real owner. PayPal accepts all major credit and debit cards which could include, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, etc. If purchasers don’t have PayPal accounts, they can still submit payment via PayPal without logging in – they will just have to have their credit card handy to key in when requested.


It is an online payment service that allows both individuals and businesses to make and accept payments over the internet, and also allows them to manage their businesses online. It has the highest grade of payment processing security; there would be no need to worry about unsafe information. Stripe accepts all kinds of credit or debit cards.

Apple Pay

Previously, this payment method is mainly for the apple products users as the app works with Apple devices, but now, businesses are including for this payment method to open up more options for users. The Apple Pay mobile payment by Apple. it uses the NFC (Near-field Communication) chips that have been embedded in the Apple devices. It is usually done by having the device held up next to a card reader. You can save your debit card on your Apple wallet; this requires a contactless debit card.

Google Pay

Developed by Google and was released in 2018. It was initially called Android Pay. It is an online payment system that allows you to make contactless and online payments. Its users are to create an account where they can check out apps and websites, make their purchases and payments. It accepts credit and debit cards. Like Apple Pay, businesses are including for this payment method to open up more options for users.

Amazon Pay

This payment method is associated with your Amazon account; that means that you must have had an Amazon account. You can donate, make purchases, and make payments with this account. Amazon accepts credit cards and debit cards.

The above online payment systems are there to make online shopping easy. In case you never knew about any of these, you have seen them now and can try them out. They are always not complicated; they are safe to use.

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